In today’s world, nothing is worse than a slow or unreliable internet connection. But a lot of businesses require high prices and have surprise fees, especially if you want unlimited access. MEKTEL is here to change that. We offer our business internet service in Montreal and Toronto so that you can have the fast, affordable internet that you need.

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Every single one of our internet service packages is unlimited, so you never have to worry about reaching a certain limit of usage or data. We also offer speeds of up to 200M, so whether you like to play games online or you need quick speeds for work or school, you can handle any downloads, uploads, or activities with ease.

Our WiFi is ranked as one of the best offered by internet service providers, and it’s also one of the most stable connections around. Don’t fret about dropped calls or spotty connectivity; instead, boost up your device and enjoy seamless access to the internet at all times.

But while all of these features are great, you probably wonder what this will all cost you. MEKTEL takes pride in our customer service, and that includes offering a fair price. We don’t require any signed contract, so our unlimited internet packages come with no obligation. Plus, we’ll never drop hidden fees on you.

We also offer phone services for unlimited calls anywhere in Canada or in North America. You can choose the features you want, including caller display, calls forward, and voicemail. So if you want a reliable internet and phone service (or just one or the other) from a professional business internet provider, don’t hesitate to call MEKTEL today.

Call us at 1 (855) 563-5835 or fill out our online contact form. We’re excited to provide you with the connections you need.


You are looking for a reliable internet service provider for your business? MEKTEL offers you a low cost and unlimited internet service. MEKTEL provides a reliable and very high speed internet services.

All MEKTEL internet plans are unlimited. MEKTEL offers you very high speed internet services up to 200M. You will also enjoy a stable wifi service ranked among the best wifi offered by internet service providers.

MEKTEL services are available throughout Quebec and more particularly in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Quebec City, Sherbrooke and Gatineau. They are also available in Ontario and more particularly in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Ottawa, Kingston, etc.

Choose now one of our unlimited internet packages and join one of the best cable service providers without any obligation and no contract to sign. You will pay less for a reliable and very fast internet service. With MEKTEL you will have peace of mind, our prices are guaranteed without any surprise.


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MEKTEL’s phone service offers unlimited calls anywhere in Canada or anywhere in North America. You benefit from a telephone service full of options (including caller display, voicemail, calls forward, etc.) at low cost.

Whether you have an alarm system or an intercom system, MEKTEL telephone service is one of the only telephone services in Quebec that allows these systems to function normally.






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