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Why not enjoy an exceptional TV experience? Add TV service and enjoy an extraordinary TV experience. From as low as $ 13 / month you’ll enjoy a variety of high quality channels. Also our list of pay-per-view channels allows you to choose from hundreds of TV channels. A wide range of television channels are available including local channels, French networks (like RDS and TVA Sports), English networks (like TSN and CBC), American networks, sports networks as well as a large selection of pay-per-view specialized channels.

To enjoy the television service offered by MEKTEL, the customer does not need to install an antenna on the roof or make holes in the walls. The TV service uses an IPTV encoder that works over the Internet. MEKTEL encoder is considered among the best encoders on the market, it is easy to use and allows for quick channel change.

The television service offered by MEKTEL provides access to a wide variety of channels. It also allows you to access thousands of popular movies and series across the Netflix, and YouTube networks.






Basic plan

More than 25 HD channels

WIFI encoder included

MEKTEL internet required



TELE5 plan

Basic plan plus 5 channels

WIFI encoder included

MEKTEL internet required



TELE10 plan

Basic plan plus 10 channels

WIFI encoder included

MEKTEL internet required



Basic channels

Pay-per-view channels

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