Security Solutions

Video Surveillance Solutions

Video surveillance allows you to protect your home and your business. Having cameras properly placed inside and outside and focusing on strategic locations gives you peace of mind. With MEKTEL home and business security camera systems, you can watch video from anywhere in your home and business on any dedicated monitor. Not only that, MEKTEL security solution allows you keep an eye remotely on your home and business with remote video security using any computer, smart phone, or tablets.

Based on your needs and budget, MEKTEL engineers will select and install the best video security solution and camera model that meet your requirements.

Access Control Solutions

Protecting your business is part of your business. MEKTEL provides scalable access control solutions to help you protecting your business. MEKTEL access card system is a quick and easy way to help you limit the access to high-risk and sensitive areas of your business. Security access control allows you to limit employee access, manage schedules, and know who’s going where and when. Access card sytem can help you reduce liability, because you limit or restrict access to different users. MEKTEL will select and install the best type of access control that meets the requirements of your business.