Some words about us

MEKTEL Networks sells Internet services of MEKTEL Inc. The latter was founded in 2009 and is registered in Quebec. MEKTEL Networks was founded by telecommunications experts who each have over twenty years of international professional experience. The founders of MEKTEL Networks provided consulting services and training in several telecommunications companies operating in several sectors ranging from consulting engineering sector to the banking sector, the colleges, universities and governments.

The founders of MEKTEL Networks have decided to put their expertise at your disposal. With their expertise, the founders of MEKTEL Networks have completely reinvented the way to provide internet services. They have set up an innovative way to reduce operating costs without impacting the quality of service.

Why we are different

Our market and internet providers studies has shown that customers need:

  • Competite price
  • Excellent customer service
  • Full-featured service
  • Unlimited download
  • Billing without surprise nor hidden fees.

MEKTEL Networks meets all these needs with:

  •  telecommunications expertise of MEKTEL leaders, which enabled them to optimize operational costs and therefore lower prices
  •  the flat rate billing adopted by MEKTEL
  • optimized offers that meet the needs of customers.

These advantages allow the company MEKTEL Networks to stand in relation to the competition and make it the first choice supplier. We invite you to join us, our team will be happy to serve you.

What clients say

  • Very good internet service at a reasonable price. Customer service is excellent and technicians are excellent

    Very good internet service
  • Bravo MEKTEL pour votre efficacité et professionnalisme. J’ai remarqué que vous saviez ce que vous faite

    Bravo MEKTEL
  • Le service internet de MEKTEL est super

    Service super
  • Je suis cliente chez MEKTEL depuis 2014, pour la première fois je trouve un fournisseur internet et téléphone qui répond rapidement à mes appels sans attente.

    Cliente chez MEKTEL depuis 2014
  • Depuis que j’ai le service de téléphonie de Mektel Networks, chaque fois que je reçois un appel mon téléphone indique de vive voix et de façon compréhensible le nom de la personne qui m’appelle et par conséquent je n’ai pas besoin de me lever pour aller lire sur son afficheur le nom de la personne qui m’appelle.

    Identification vocale de l’appelant
  • Malgré que j’habite sur la Rive-Sud, Mektel Networks m’a offert un numéro de téléphone 514. Contrairement au numéro 450 que j’avais auparavant, je peux maintenant appeler mes amies à Laval sans que je paye des frais de longue distance.

    No 514 pour la Rive-Sud
  • “Although I live on the South Shore of Montreal, MEKTEL Networks gave me a 514 phone number. Unlike the 450 number I had before, I can now call my friends in Laval without I pay long distance charges.”

    514 phone number in the south shore of Montreal